Lumps and Bumps
Risographed poster-zine

Lumps and Bumps is a series of illustrations that explores the changes that time etches on our bodies. This was a vulnerable journey that I felt exposed to be sharing with the world. I want to make this topic less taboo, especially for women.

These pages share some of my thoughts on acceptance, annoyance, and the delicate balance between hiding and flaunting.

I call it a poster-zine because it can be hung on the wall from a metal piece I include with the zine. The format is quite large; 245 x 352 (slightly smaller than an A3).

It contains 6 illustrations + cover and a cardboard back with a black spiral binding.

Risographed on 250gr biotop paper in vibrant orange and navy blue.

50 copies.

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Special thanks to: 
Teuntje Fleur for her risographing skills.
Michael van Kekem for his screenprinting skills.
Will Vincent for his help and encouragement with writing.

© Rachel Sender, 2020 — Rotterdam, the Netherlands