Potato beer brewed by Henriette Waal.

Collaboration done with the artist, designer and beer brewer Henriette Waal.

With this research project Henriette wants to depict the “new farmers” around Schiphol airport and strengthen a sustainable project in Haarlemmermeer. She worked together with the Airport Farm Boer Bos and wants to create a link between the potato farmers and the airport.

Together we thought of a way to summarise her research project for an exhibition at Art in Fort Vijfhuizen as part of the Ring Biennale. I made a range of illustrations to visualise the main concepts of Henriette’s research connected to the advances and experiments the farmer’s are making and their link to the airport. We also made a selection of quotes by the farmers that represented their main ideas toward their business. I made portraits to go with these hand lettered quotes that were turned into posters.

© Rachel Sender, 2020 — Rotterdam, the Netherlands